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At Pewsham Preschool we believe that it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that all children are kept safe from harm and so we have put together a few websites that we think are valuable reading for all parents and carers.

Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)

The CAPT offer free child safety advice for parents and carers through a wide range of online resources.  Their website is a valuable source of information which you may never have had to think about before becoming a parent.


The NSPCC website has a full range of information to help us all keep children safe from harm, including “How to keep children safe”, “What is child abuse” and “What to do if you suspect abuse”

NSPCC Helpline - 0808 500 5000

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned a child is at immediate risk of harm you must call 999.

Guidance on choosing out of school settings

See here for questions for parents and carers to ask to help them choose out-of-school settings for their children.


If you have any concerns that you wish to talk to us about at the setting you can contact any one of the following people:


Setting Safeguarding Lead

Janet Croft | 01249 461017

Setting Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Barbara Heath | 01249 461017

Committee Designated Safeguarding Person

Clare Hunt |

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