Child Doing Art Activity

A Day in The Life Of Your Child At Preschool


During this time the Manager or your child's keyperson will be available to talk to you about any queries you may have or for you to share any information you would like us to know before you leave your child with us for the day.

Wake and Shake

This is a short dance and movement activity which is done to music. The children enjoy this time and set them up ready to engage in circle time.

Circle Time

Children are split into groups of 4-6 children for an adult led focus activity.   Circle time covers a variety of different topics including, letters and sounds, maths, colours and personal, social and emotional activities.

Snack Time

We run a rolling snack routine, which allows children to access snack for a set period throughout the morning session. This has many benefits to the children including

·         Giving children a choice

·         Promoting British Values such as individual liberty

·         Children spend less wasted time seated waiting for everyone to sit down or finish

·         Builds independence, confidence, esteem and self-awareness

·         Develops motor and self-help skills as children are allowed to prepare their snacks and pour drinks

·         Allows time for children to chat in a small group, developing language skills

Tidy up Time

All of the children are expected to help tidy up both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. Asking children to tidy up after themselves teaches children about responsibility and accountability.

Free Flow

 For much of the day we operate free flow which allows child initiated play to flow between the indoor and outdoor space. This takes place during all weathers and children are encouraged to become independent in accessing the wet weather clothing and boots we provide for this.

Story and Song Time

Each session ends with the children joining together for a story or song. This is also a useful time for us to share any news, such as, a child telling us about their time away with our travel bear or celebrating a child's birthday.

Time to go home

Any work that the children have completed is put into their red folders, along with any correspondence we are sending home. Children wait to be collected on our carpet area and are called up by name to be handed over to their nominated adult by a staff member on the door.