As you are your child's first educator and we are their second, it is important that we work together to maximise your child's learning and development.  If you have a skill or talent that you could share with the children or a topic that you could talk to them about we would love to hear from you.  Parents are also very welcome just to come in and join us for a session.  This gives parents the opportunity to take an active part in the pre-school, to see what happens there and to talk about it afterwards with their child.

Ways in which we involve parents in the setting:

  • By regular newsletters and information provided on our noticeboard
  • By displaying photos and samples of the children's work/activities
  • By staying to play 
  • By contributing to the Learning Journey Diary
  • By attending Pre-school trips
  • By helping to organise and/or attend fundraising and social events
  • By joining the committee
  • By attending open evenings/days

Studies regularly show that children whose parents are interested and involved in their education are happier and more successful. If you would be interested in helping on a regular basis or just joining us for one session to see what we do please speak to either Janet or Barbara who will be happy to help.