The quality and care your child receives makes a huge difference, not only to the day to day well being of your child, but also to their long-term learning and development. All practitioners within the preschool support all children daily, however it is your child's keyperson that will provide them with the experience of having one special adult to relate to. They will observe them, tailor the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to suit their specific needs and track their progress.

For parents, having a keyperson means you have your own contact at preschool. They will share your child's daily activities and progress with you, both through informal chats at the beginning or end of a session, and at the regular parents evening which are arranged throughout the year. Your child's keyperson will also complete a 'learning journey' diary which we encourage you to help compile. These diaries give you a good insight into your child's day and also provide a lovely colourful keepsake to treasure in years to come.